About Sas

I was born in Zimbabwe, but mostly raised in South Africa. When I graduated high school, I hopped on a plane and travelled to China. This blog is about my travel adventures as well as my personal journey through life (that sounds so cheesy, I apologize). I origanally intended for this to be a travel blog, but realized that the topics I wanted to blog about leaned way more towards the lifestyle-niche.

I am currently living in Shenzhen, China, while teaching English, learning Mandarin (painfully trying to) and enjoying the rich, diverse and undiscovered (at least to me) culture. I hobbies include (but are not limited to) lipsyncing in public, making a fool of myself in Body Combat classes, laughing at myself, and bumping into almost any item in a room. I wear cute dresses, drink too much coffee, have a head of curly hair with a mind of its own, and suspect I am part-crow since I love sparkles way more than I should. If I could choose another name it would be Daisy.

Stick around and watch what I get up to!