Apologies for the radio silence

It has been a few months since I last posted on my blog and I feel quite ashamed about it, but hope that I can explain myself through this post. I originally intended for this to be a travel blog, but ran out of things to blog about since I have just been living in Shenzhen for the past few months. I started to get ideas for blog posts that were completely outside of the travel-niche. That is why I have decided to make my blog more personal and about any topic I want to write – it is my blog, after all! Obviously, I will still write about my travels, just as soon as I travel a bit more!

But let me update you all on what I have been up to while I was offline. I became very health conscious and joined the most amazing gym, Super Monkey Fitness, with such a encouraging and inviting community that you can’t help but fall inlove with it. I made so many friends whose idea of a fun night out was to go to a late night Body Combat class, and their habits soon became my own. I started working out every day and changed my eating habits so that I also fueled my body with the right foods. I then started to work on my spiritual health and began journaling to clear my head before and after a hectic day. I fell inlove with myself and became such a healthy person that I wouldn’t want to go back to way I used to live!


My Chinese has improved quite a bit – I have an amazing private teacher, Candy, who has been giving me classes since March and who has helped me with so many problems that were not even related to language learning. She has shown me so many places that I would never have seen if I tried to discover everything by myself and has taught me so much about Chinese culture and traditions which has lead to me falling inlove with the East and their ways. We have become good friends and I almost see her as an older and protective sister. I must say that if you are considering learning Chinese, then definitely try to find a private tutor or teacher, as the individual attention you receive helps you to pick up the language a bit quicker than in a huge classroom – provided that you do your part and study!

That is about it – I’ve basically just been getting used to living in Shenzhen and have been establishing my routine. I took an almost complete social media break and deleted my Instagram and Facebook apps from my phone and only used WeChat and WhatsApp to communicate with others, and I have to say that it was extremely relaxing not having to worry about what other people were doing and it helped me to stop comparing myself to others. It was very relaxing, but now I feel that I am ready to get back into social media and blogging! Watch this space, because I have a lot planned!

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